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Eagle Ridge Growth Partners is an operator-led private investment company with a single purpose — acquiring and managing one high-quality company. Our best-in-class team of managers and investors has a proven track record of successfully acquiring and growing middle-market businesses.

At Eagle Ridge, we believe in:

Lasting Partnerships

We are committed to partnering with business owners to find a ‘win-win’ result. This philosophy extends beyond acquisition, as we will partner with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders to grow your business and continue your legacy.

Knowing Our Customers — Starting With The Owner

The business owner is our first customer.  Our flexible structure allows us to accommodate your unique objectives in the sale of your business. Whether it’s timing, deal structure, creative tax planning, post-acquisition involvement, retaining a stake in the business, or an outright exit, we can work with you to achieve your goals, while ensuring no business disruption.

Focusing on Long Term Value Creation

We recognize that successful businesses take time to build. We do not impose artificial timelines on our investments, preferring a truly long-term investment horizon. This long-term growth perspective sets the stage for responsible decision-making, and leads to meaningful, sustainable growth.

Continuity During Transition

We manage the transition to maintain continuity in leadership and day-to-day operations while simultaneously positioning the company for future growth. The experience of our team provides you with the confidence that your firm, its employees, and its reputation are poised for continued success.