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Eagle Ridge understands and appreciates the important role that business intermediaries play in the private company marketplace. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with a variety of business advisors and intermediaries including attorneys, investment bankers, financial advisors, accounting firms, and consultants.  We are sensitive to your relationships with your clients.

We believe that you will find several compelling reasons to partner with us in order to meet your clients’ unique objectives.

Attractive Buy-Side Fees

We are always seeking to expand our relationships with business intermediaries or industry experts. As a way to compensate you for your efforts, we offer attractive buy-side fees.

Experienced Team

Our team consists of more than a dozen business leaders who are experienced and successful entrepreneurs, operating executives and investors. We have extensive transaction experience and a strong track record of building and growing small to middle-market businesses.

Accelerated Closing Process

Our access to substantial capital resources and banking relationships enables us to have a quick and professional closing of the transaction to provide liquidity to the seller and reduce the stress on the organization.

Flexible Deal Structure for Business Owners

We have the ability to tailor the financing of the transaction to accommodate a seller’s unique goals and needs, including the owner continuing to have an ownership interest and other involvement in the business.


Please contact us to discuss potential opportunities and partnerships.