Our Difference Toggle

Eagle Ridge’s unique philosophy differentiates us from traditional financial and institutional buyers along several key dimensions:

Unique Structure

Eagle Ridge is not a traditional private equity firm and does not operate like one.  We offer flexible exit solutions to business owners. Whether it’s timing, deal structure, creative tax planning, post-acquisition involvement, retaining a stake in the business, or an outright exit, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Trust and Integrity

An honest and transparent partnership is the cornerstone of our business philosophy.  The values of trust and integrity will guide our actions from beginning to end: negotiating a transaction through the transition. We understand the importance you place on your employees, customers and other stakeholders, and we share your values.

Confidence and Access to Capital

You can be confident that we will maintain clear communication to ensure a smooth transition that benefits all parties. Our commitments are made with transparent and actionable intentions.  Through our institutional and individual investors we can fund an acquisition on an expedited time frame.

Decisive and Timely Decision Making

Eagle Ridge will quickly qualify all opportunities and respond in a timely manner.  We are not burdened with complex corporate decision-making processes or cumbersome investment committees.  We will conduct a professional and confidential due diligence process with no business disruption, while respecting employee and customer sensitivities.

Operationally Focused

We are a skilled group of entrepreneurs and operators with decades of experience growing owner operated, start-up, and family owned businesses.  We are not typical financial investors.  We invest for the long term and have no pre-determined investment holding period. We acquire one business at a time and one principal will take an active role in the day-to-day management responsibilities after the acquisition is complete.